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Land Development Masterclass

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Construction Management Masterclass


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Property and  Tenant Management


Join us for a Property and Tenant Management MasterClass, carefully designed for landlords, property managers, and real estate investors aiming at transforming their property management playbooks.


Date: Saturday June 8th & Sunday June 9th (9-5pm each day)
Location: Best Western Premier Toronto Airport Carlingview Hotel

Why Attend? Your traditional strategies for listing, vetting, and managing tenants need a revolution. With more and more challenges such as potential increased vacancies, skyrocketing costs due to poor tenant placement, and more risks of professional tenant scams - the stakes have never been higher.

Adapt and Thrive - Gain wisdom of seasoned experts who have successfully placed thousands of tenants. This masterclass is your gateway to ensuring your properties perform remarkably well.


Curriculum Highlights:

  • Property Preparation: Learn how to prep your properties to attract top-tier rentals.
  • Tenant Avatar: Master the art of identifying your ideal tenant profile.
  • High-Impact Rental Ads: Create rental advertisements that outshine the rest.
  • Efficient Tenant Vetting: Develop a foolproof process for tenant screening.
  • Essential Documentation: Know what documents are indispensable in your rental appendix.
  • Crisis Management: Equip yourself with strategies for handling tenant disputes effectively.
  • Navigating LTB: Understand the intricacies of the Landlord and Tenant Board and its forms.
  • Portfolio Future-proofing: Stay ahead with insights into evolving regulations and policies.


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About Your Hosts

Danielle Chiasson is a serial entrepreneur known for her work in the field of real estate investing in residential re-development and rental housing. Danielle fills her days with her coaching program, speaking engagements and has just launched her online educational platform.
Kory MacKinnon, a former Corporate Trainer, Kory found his passion for real estate investing in his late teens after reading David Chilton’s book The Wealthy Barber.  However, lack of knowledge, systems and trusted mentors kept him from pulling the trigger on his first property until he was 30 years of age.  As the saying goes, the seed was planted and from that day forward, Kory used two decades of business experience to turn his lucrative real estate side hustle into early retirement.

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