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Real Estate Accelerator Programs

Tier 1
Real Estate Fundamentals

Learning the essential elements of real estate investing needed for starting your real estate business.
  • Private Student Online Portal
  • Beginner Students New to the Industry
  • Content Driven
  • Self Directed Learning
  • Moderate CoachiNg Support
  • 3 Month Program
Further Details:

Learning the fundamentals of real estate investing is paramount in any investors journey when starting to build their portfolios. Here students will gain knowledge on topics such as, identifying best areas to invest in, the pro’s and con’s of the different investing strategies, how to properly underwrite potential deals, who should be on your power team, as well as the funding required to buy properties just to name a few. All the essentials of real estate investing are taught here to give you the clarity and confidence to begin find your next property! 

Tier 2 
Path to Prosperity

Gain clarity on your path and strategy while building your foundation needed for success and sustainability.  
  • Private Student Online Portal
  • Beginner to Intermediate 
  • Group & 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Networking Events
  • Building Your Team
  • Detailed Underwriting
  • 6 Month Program
Further Details:
Under the trusted eye of our facilitators and coaches, students will complete the work required to successfully transact their next real estate investment. With the right mix of group and 1-1 coaching the student will spend time honing their skills required to properly build their power team, find deals, underwrite, negotiate, fund, properly renovate and manage them. By practicing the fundamentals of real estate investing with us, the student will have repeatable systems for continued real estate success.

Tier 3
Infinite Growth 

Implementation to success! This is your personalized coaching experience for scaling your real estate portfolio.
  • Private Student Online Portal
  • Intermediate to advanced
  • Private 1:1 Coaching calls
  • Networking Events
  • Scaling Your Business
  • 12 Month Program
Further Details:
By interview process only, students will begin their journey to grow their portfolios. With a sound foundation of skill set, systems and fundamentals, scaling of growth is now possible. Treating their real estate business like a business, students will start to gain a return on their coaching investment through a customized 1-1 coaching relationship over a 12-month period. This is where consistent focused action translates into better profitably, equity gains, and cashflow, creating a legacy for generations to come!   

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