Strategic Entrepreneur Networking Event - January 23, 2024

As part of attending our events and being a part of our community, we've posted copies of the slides and the recordings of the events for your access. As part of our Strategic Entrepreneur Networking Events series, this was an awesome meet up with great speakers, engaging content, fun giveaways, amazing feedback and of course, networking!

The event included the following:

  • A real estate market update by Gary Hibbert
  • A mortgage update by Michael Zanzini
  • An economic update by Daniel Foch
  • The main speaker was Darren Mitchell who taught us about Infinite Banking.
  • Danielle and Kory provide their some tips in Coaches Corner.
  • Dipuu Isaac talks about how he is achieving success faster than they had anticipated through coaching in Student Success Stories.
  • THIS or THAT Healthy Debate where fixed vs variable interest mortgages are argued.

Before you pay to enroll, remember that if you attended our event in person then you should already have access to this once you've logged in!

Patrick Jones - Course author

Darren Mitchell

Meet the Keynote Speaker
Darren Mitchell and Christina Wyatt, together with their team of Wealth Coaches from Control and Compound Financial, specialize in assisting Canadian real estate investors and business owners across the country in integrating the Infinite Banking Concept (also known as High-Cash Value insurance) into their financial strategies.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Gary Hibbert

Meet the Host of MARKET Update
Gary Hibbert is a prominent leadership expert known for his compelling keynote presentations, emphasizing practical approaches to both personal and business matters. He hosts the highly acclaimed Canadian podcast, "Real Talk With Gary," serving as a trusted resource for real estate investing, wealth, health, and mindset discussions. As a co-owner of "Our Neighbourhood Realty," he's been instrumental in the brokerage's success, utilizing his extensive market knowledge and exceptional customer service. His "Smart Home Choice/ Realty Group" has facilitated hundreds of real estate transactions in Ontario. His diverse and extensive experience make him a speaker not to be missed!
Patrick Jones - Course author

Daniel Foch

Meet the Host of Economic Update

Daniel Foch is a Real Estate Broker, analyst, and Host of The Canadian Real Estate Investor Podcast. Daniel's housing market analysis is regularly referenced by the media, including features in CBC, The Globe and Mail, BNN Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. Daniel has advised on the transaction, investment, and development of more than half a billion in real estate over the course of his career, representing a vast spectrum of clients, including homeowners, investors and developers in the Greater Toronto Area. As a real estate investor, Daniel owns property in many Canadian cities, focusing on providing affordable housing for tenants who have been marginalized by the Canadian housing crisis.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Michael Zanzini

Meet the Host of the Financial Update

Michael specializes in working with Real Estate Investors who are looking to begin or expand a Real Estate Portfolio. As a Real Estate Investor himself, owning multiple investment properties, Michael guides his clients to the most optimal mortgage solutions using strategic planning and execution. Michael has been part of the #1 Mortgage Team in Canada for 8+ years and has helped countless clients achieve their financial goals.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Michal Wach

Meet the THIS or THAT Panelist
Michal Wach is an active real estate investor with Wach Properties and a Senior coach with the Infinite Results Coaching / Consulting Team.  He invests in long-term multifamily rentals as well as cottages in Ontario.  Michal is also a CPA, CA, tax accountant who runs a thriving tax preparation company.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Kasey Wong

Meet the THIS or THAT Panelist

Kasey Wong, a co-founder and Managing Member of Cacoeli, is responsible for overseeing the company’s acquisition analysis, business development activities, and asset management. He also jointly directs the overall investment strategy, bringing over 22 years of leadership and management experience.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Alfonso Salemi

Meet the Master of Ceremonies
Alfonso Salemi is the co-owner, co-founder of JAAG Properties a Rent to Own Company based in Ontario, Canada. He has helped close to 300 families on the road to homeownership. Alfonso loves sharing his passion for Lease Options / Rent to Own and the benefits it brings to people’s lives. He thrives on these interactions and enjoys helping others with their largest purchase or investment of their lives. With a deep-rooted passion for Lease Options / Rent to Own, Alfonso has played an instrumental role in assisting hundreds of clients and families in their journey towards homeownership. He firmly believes in the transformative power of Lease Options / Rent to Own and takes immense pleasure in sharing its numerous benefits with others. Known for his exceptional interpersonal skills, Alfonso thrives on engaging with individuals and presenting them with the advantages offered by Lease Options / Rent to Own . Guiding people through their most significant purchase or investment is a responsibility he takes great pride in. Alfonso’s unwavering dedication to helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve homeownership has made him a respected figure in the real estate community. Through his expertise and genuine care for others, he continues to forge meaningful connections and create positive change in people's lives.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the HOSTS

Danielle Chiasson

Danielle Chiasson is a serial entrepreneur known for her work in the field of real estate investing in residential redevelopment and rental housing. Focused in Ontario, her many projects have ranged in scope from light clean-ups to full renovations, as well as legal duplex, triplex conversions, and multi-unit flips. She works as a general contractor managing various trades & staff, while managing her organization. She fills her days operating multiple businesses, underwriting properties, balancing finances, managing rental properties, and endlessly educating herself and others. She is also a member and contributor of several real estate education organizations. Danielle is passionate about business and real estate, and shares her experience and knowledge with other investors through speaking engagements and various online platforms, and is very excited about re-launching Strategic Success Consulting.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Kory MacKinnon

A former Corporate Trainer, Kory found his passion for real estate investing in his late teens after reading David Chilton’s book The Wealthy Barber.  However, lack of knowledge, systems and trusted mentors kept him from pulling the trigger on his first property until he was 30 years of age.

As the saying goes, the seed was planted and from that day forward, Kory used two decades of business experience to turn his lucrative real estate side hustle into early retirement.