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Looking to level up even more? Danielle is growing her coaching programs (click me) and is still welcoming new students.  She is offering two different coaching programs as per further below...

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What a full day we had learning with Steve Gill as he laid out his 3-step plan to business growth and resilience.  I'm so glad you took this opportunity to invest in yourself and your business... did you take it all in... take notes... thought about implementation... envisioned the great things your team will achieve together... but then an important text came in and somehow your business took a front seat to your plans??

I can help!!!

I can show you how to multiply your time so you get more done in a week. I've done just that by integrating a team of virtual assistant's (VAs) into my business. This has allowed me to scale and achieve multiple times more then my team and I ever could before. It has also freed up my time to work ON my business, not just IN my business. 

If you'd like to take advantage of our FREE offer to access Danielle's Multiply Your  Productivity webinar, please fill out the form below to unlock the 100% discount code.  If you haven't already, you can then create your FREE account where you can also get access to many more FREE recordings! 

The Strategic Effect – Achieve more together with T.E.A.M. group coaching.

Are you ready to crush your 2023 goals, get clarity on your path and finally begin moving in the right direction?

Join Danielle Chiasson’s T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) group coaching cohort or apply for one-on-one coaching! By joining the T.E.A.M., you will receive:

⭐ LIVE coaching support and strategies to help you solve any challenges you may be facing
⭐ The opportunity to learn from others
⭐ A chance to celebrate your successes no matter how big or small they are
⭐ Access to our private TEAM WhatsApp Group

Bonus Items:

⭐ Private one-on-one 45-min clarity call with Danielle Chiasson (valued at $750 CAD + HST)*
⭐ Automatic enrolment into the accountability coaching program ($350/month value)

*Would need to be taken before the end of the cohort session.

Accountability Based Coaching with Danielle Chiasson and Dale Tidd

Get more done before 10AM than most people do all day!!!

⭐ Having difficulty completing tasks?
⭐ Struggling with procrastination?

Create new standards for yourself! 

Accountability coaching improves performance by eliminating the time and effort spent on distracting activities and other unproductive behaviour. Our daily accountability program is designed to make YOUR GOALS a priority by empowering you to achieve your goals, enabling you to stay in action, while consistently producing outstanding results.  

⭐ Build greater self-awareness
⭐ Grow your self-confidence
⭐ Improve your ability to effectively manage tasks

What does the Accountability Based Program include?

⭐ One on one connection with an experienced coach
⭐ Weekly check-in Zoom call with your coaching accountability partner
⭐ Goal setting 
⭐ Daily task reporting